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Terms and Conditions of Joining as a Creator 

Last Revised: March 24th 2017

1: You are NOT obligated to share your income "Pay" with anyone within the group, that is YOUR EARNINGS and is yours alone, but you may do so if you wish to do so.

2: You will be given subsidiary rights to the I.S.A emblem for your product images, should Asroilu authorize you to use it.

3: Your shop will gain advertising on IMVU. For Example: Pulse blasts, Mass Messaging. Off site you are also given advertisement space on the I.S.A Facebook on special occasions.

4: You are obligated to pay for any advertising within the I.S.A brand. However, should you end up in trouble with the I.S.A Corp, your rights will be revoked and you will have to appeal to become an associate again and fees may apply..

5: You may leave, and request to join back at your own discretion. Please allow a 1 day wait time for re-entry. If you leave and join back within the same year, you will NOT be required to pay membership fees as you have already paid for that year.

6: You must have a open shop, valid shop to join or be referred into the I.S.A creator team.

7: It is looked up-upon that you have a shop banner so that we may display it on the website, I.S.A CEO Homepage, and group pages such as IMVU and Facebook. However this is not required.

8: Upon becoming a creator or associate to I.S.A, you will need to pay up front, a 5,000 credit membership fee which is equivalent to $5.00 USD. This fee is paid ONCE a year, and will not increase or decrease unless revisions are made. If the price rises or falls, you will be notified immediately.

This is liable to edit and/or revision at the owners request, you will be notified upon its editing.

As of March 23rd 2017, I.S.A has revoked all associate privileges associated with the company. All further associations will be for individuals ONLY, and not other organizations.

Memberships Revoked

  • War Revolution
  • Dutch Munitions and Arms
  • ICO Corporation
  • Otacodex Productions
  • IMSF Warehouse

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